Ultraviolet Catastrophe signed CD ($10)

A compact disk with your name on it and my signature on it. Also contains a unique number, official album credits, and maybe some music, idk. Please let me know in the "custom text" who you would like the CD addressed to.

Ultraviolet Catastrophe flashdrive ($5)

Get a signed and numbered flashdrive with high-quality mp3s (hehe) and single art for all the songs off Ultraviolet Catastrophe. There also might be a special surprise hidden in these mp3s... see if you can find it.

how to buy

please email me at with the following info. i accept payments through both Venmo and PayPal.



Item you would like mailed to you

Venmo username or PayPal email address

Name or message you would like attached to the item

Example Email:

Suh joey,

Elon Musk

1753 Mars Lane

Narcissist City, California, 01337

1 Ultraviolet Catastrophe Signed CD

Venmo: TeslaCEOhNo

please sign and address to "That Guy Who Didn't Save Those Kids From That Cave"

Thank you boi,


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