I'm joey

"This man's music is so good that it increased my credit score as well as helped rebuild the enamel on my teeth."

-Aaron Rizzo, singer/songwriter and friend

"His hygiene is top notch."

-Dr. Peter McCoy, musical mentor and friend

I'm a person based out of Webster, NY and Potsdam, NY. I make music about people and feelings and thoughts. I also perform live with a little one-man-band setup.

Hopefully I can inspire people to think about things in ways they hadn't before. That's the big goal. If that sounds cool, stick around! Ultraviolet Catastrophe, my debut album, is out pretty much everywhere. Give 'er a listen if you think your life could use more avant-pop.


"Great human and songwriter. Excellent producer."

-Thomas Draper, bandmate and friend

"he's alright i guess"

-joey small, me

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